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Super Techniplate

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About Super Techniplate

2 STROKE SYNTHETIC Pure synthetic bases are blended with 20% BeNOL Racing Castor Oil. Provides engines the Clean Burn™ quality of Klotz synthetic lubricants along with the exceptional film strength of castor oil. Degummed castor oil reduces ring groove deposits and protects engines in high RPM and extreme heat applications. Blends with methanol alcohol and gasoline.

Tech Information:

• Super Techniplate Superior Film Strength and Anti-Scuff protection
• Super Techniplate Extreme Load Carrying Capacity to eliminate engine wear
• Super Techniplate Clean Burn ™ Technology reduces carbon and residue build-up
• Super Techniplate De-gummed formula reduces ring sticking
• Super Techniplate Contains familiar Klotz Red for easy mixing and castor racy odor

APPLICATION Super Techniplate:

Motorcycle/ATV – 2-stroke/gas; Hi-performance, Racing
Motorcycle/ATV – 2-stroke/alcohol; Hi-performance, Racing
Marine – 2-stroke/alcohol/gas; Drag racing
Kart/Micro Sprint – 2-stroke/gas; Hi-performance, Racing
Kart/Micro Sprint – 2-stroke/alcohol; Hi-performance, Racing
Kart/Micro Sprint – 4-stroke/alcohol; Hi-performance
R/C Modeling – 2/4-stroke glow
R/C Modeling – 2-stroke gas

Super Techniplate Compatibility: Blends with gasoline, methanol alcohol, nitromethane Original TechniPlate and
BeNOL and stays in suspension. Will not blend with petroleum oils or synthetic lubricants. 100%
Biodegradable formula.
Fuel Stability: Will dissolve in gasoline at ratios of 15:1 or greater; alcohol at ratios up to 5:1.
2-Stroke pre-mix: Do not use in oil injection systems.
Air cooled engines mix at 20:1 to 32:1 • Water cooled engines mix at 32:1 to 50:1
Kart: Air cooled mix at 16:1 to 20:1
R/C Model: 2-stroke glow engines mix at 15 -18%; 4-stroke glow engines mix at 5 -10%
4-Stroke: Fill crankcase to manufacturers recommended level